About Us

Bugatti 50T 1933

Who we are

Parts Relations Design is a company that is specialized in making models and building instructions in Lego Technic.

The logo is a penguin, because penguins are one of the most recognizable and enigmatic characters of the animal world. They look a bit cumbersome at land, but once in their element they are very fast and graceful and agile.

Besides all that, it is my most favorite animal!


What do we do

Every model consists of a series of parts with mutual relations. We don't make the parts, but make all kinds of assemblies with existing parts, in this case the available Lego Technic parts.

The models that you find here are designed by Martin Hartwigsen, at the internet known as MartHart.


We also make prototypes in Lego Technic for the industry to get a quick idea of the functions of the real product. So don't develop the product to the end and then discover that it doesn't work!

Another possibility is making show models of your products in Lego Technic.


How do we work

The models are designed directly in Lego Technic by the use of drawings, pictures and videos that can be found at the internet and elsewhere.


When a model is finished, it is redesigned as a 3-D CAD model in the professional 3-D software program Solid Edge.

For a nice picture, the model is rendered with the program KeyShot-64.


The 3D model is build up in the assembling sequence and will be saved as a 3-D PDF file.

A 3-D PDF can be opened with the free program AcrobatReader DC that can be found on 98% of all computers.


You will find instructions at the 3D-Instructions menu of how to open files and build the model using this program.



Solid Edge Design

KeyShot-64 Render

3-D PDF Building Instructions